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Crystal Palace Den

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These Fancy Friends love to host parties. Decorate your den to impress your friends.

Mix & Match accessories for a Jam-tastic look! Each Den includes 1 scratch off code that unlocks exclusive content in the hit online game Animal Jam.

Collect us all and Play Wild! at animaljam.com. Animal Jam is created in association with National Geographic and is free to play.


  • 1 Den
  • 1 (3") Limited Edition Animal
  • 3 Den Items
  • 2 Interchangeable Accessories
  • 1 EXCLUSIVE online game code, redeemable at animaljam.com/redeem


  • Collectable den, animal, den items and accessories
  • Mix & Match den Items across all dens
  • Customize your animal with accessories
  • Mix & Match accessories across all animals and pets
  • Collect them all and Play Wild! at animaljam.com
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